Official SGC Picture EDIT

POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL is thrilled to announce that Grammy award winner Soweto Gospel Choir has generously contributed the use of their music in our film.

Soweto Gospel Choir was founded in November 2002 and within a few months reached No. 1 in the Billboard charts for World Music.

In 2007, Soweto Gospel Choir won their first Grammy for their album, “Blessed”. Since then they have been nominated 3 more times, winning a second Grammy in 2008. They have collaborated and performed with many world artists, including Josh Groban, Celine Dion, South African sensation Zahara, and classical violinist Andre Rieu. They collaborated with Peter Gabriel on the Oscar nominated song, “Down to Earth” from the movie Wall-E and became the first South African artists to perform at the 2009 Academy Awards.

We are honored to be able to include their incredible music in POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL.


Kickstarter Campaign

POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL is excited to announce that we have launched our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNWhat is it? It’s a popular and safe, funding website for creative projects. We have a profile on the site with information about the film and have set a goal of $15,000. The catch is, with Kickstarter it’s an ALL or NOTHING campaign. So if we don’t meet our goal by January 14, we won’t get any of the money pledged.

The funds raised will help us complete the film. We’ll be able to hire an editor and finish the rough cut. We need your help to reach our KICKSTARTER GOAL!  In addition to information about the film, there is a brand new video with footage from the film! So watch the video, spread the word and consider donating!

We appreciate your support!

About Positively Beautiful The Movie

A documentary film about life and love in the age of HIV
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